Rooftop Development

Rooftop Development

Convert unused ‘airspace’ above residential, commercial and public building rooftops into new homes – helping address housing shortage.

With a lack of supply of new properties across London, there is no wonder that construction continues to move in one direction; up.

This was recognised in the 2017 Housing White Paper which seeks to address the scope for higher-density housing in urban locations particularly “where buildings can be extended upwards by using the ‘airspace’ above them”.

With This development also adds value to the whole building through refurbishment of worn facades and improvements to the property entrance and common areas.

Why Airspace

  • Sell the airspace above your property rooftop and earn a significant financial payment, linked to the development potential of the property
  • Generate potential additional ground rent
  • Improve the building fabric and kerb appeal – and value of the overall building
  • Eliminate future roof area maintenance and costs
  • Help remedy London’s housing shortage
  • We aim to deliver developments and homes that are: •Practical and cost effective
    •Suited to their surroundings and not harmful to the local environment;
    •Welcomed by local people, having been involved in the planning process. Where necessary we may also provide or fund improved community facilities through Section 106 planning agreements with the local authority.
    •Appealing places to live for our customers


    Development on top of existing buildings may not always be possible or viable. The existing building may not have sufficient structural strength, sufficient servicing capacities or even a means of escape to comply with building regulations. Nearby properties may benefit from rights of light that could prevent development, and party wall awards may also be required. Many of these issues can usually be resolved, but at a cost.

    A structural engineer will need to assess the existing strength and the feasibility of any strengthening measures that may be required to take the necessary additional loadings.

    Building regulations will likely have an impact on feasibility.

    The capacity and location of existing services is another important consideration. Where there is capacity it will be cost effective to utilise existing channels for electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, drainage and refuse storage. Where there is insufficient capacity it may be possible to retrofit new systems to the exterior of buildings.

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    A. NO, we a medium sized construction firm, on a telephone you will get through to reception or one of our construction managers directly. Who will be able to help you further.
    A. Please either email us, or give us a quick call.. We are very willing to help, and happy to provide for any quotations needed.
    A. Any information that involves a breakdown of the work involved, such as working drawings, a schedule of works and any contract particulars you may have. All of these items can aid us in supplying you with a formal quotation.
    A. JMB are a main contractor company, with the ability to contract manage/ project manage any project we are involved with.
    A. You can forward us any architectural drawings, and we will usually make a site visit to meet the client, and run through the works. We like to keep communication open as much as possible, and our aim is to deliver exactly what our clients require.
    A. Yes, we have a large client base, to which we have provided any and all office refurbishment and fit out works. Offices, schools, universities you name it we are perfectly suited to handle it.

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